Show 2014-51: August 30-31, 2014

– Oasis / Live Forever (20th Anniversary of Definitely Maybe)
– Muse / Uprising (20th Anniversary of Muse’s formation)
– Beastie Boys / Sure Shot (20th Anniversary of Ill Communication)
– Nirvana / Pennyroyal Tea (20th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s Death)
– Nirvana / Been a Son

– Arcade Fire / Wake Up (10th Anniversary of the Funeral album)
– Prince / Darling Nikki (30th Anniversary of the Purple Rain album)
– Blur / Parklife (20th Anniversary of the Parklife album)

– Pixies / Monkey Gone to Heaven
– Pixies / Here Comes Your Man (25th Anniversary of the Doolittle album)
– The White Stripes / Denial Twist
– The White Stripes / Blue Orchid (15th Anniversary since the White Stripes were formed)
– U2 / Pride (30th Anniversary of the Unforgettable Fire album)

– The Smiths / There Is a Light That Will Never Burn Out (30th Anniversary of their formation)
– Red Hot Chili Peppers / Breaking The Girl (30th Anniversary of their formation)

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